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fire escape


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I was told by my letting agent that, quote: "Due to new regulations....." I am to modify or replace a second story bedroom window so that it opens sufficiently to allow a person to escape through it in case of fire. At the moment, it doesn't open fully due to poor placement. This is a terraced house occupied by two people.

I need to ensure the safety of my tenants, but, the window has been this way since I began letting in 2000 and this is the first mention of it. Also, if changes are to be made, I would have thought that providing a ladder of some sort would also be a requirement, but the agent hasn't mentioned that.

Can anyone advise me ? I have been unable to find out anything specific about fire escapes and/ or new regulations.

I think my agent is being a bit "awkward" at the moment, as I've had to take them to task over a couple of things, but I do want to ensure I comply with all requirements.


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Sounds like a pile of BS to me .

To be sure to cover you Axxx ..call your localcouncil .."private sector housing" who will be only to happy to assist a responsible LL such as yourself by visiting the prop and giving you written advice and direction on your respnsibilities re prop .......dont be nervous of them ...they are generally VERY helpful ...and you can sleep at night knowing your prop complies ........

Also request your agent to direct you to the source of regs which sparked this request ....

The Rodent

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Send them this link.

This should make them jump.

If there any good at all.

Or just extract a couple of comments from the link and this should give you pointers tot he apropiate legislation they should be following. (you could be liable as the landlord as they are your agents and not the tennants.




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Why not get the right advice from the horses mouth. Ring up the local fire brigade and ask the fire safety officer to call and give his verdict. I always find them very helpful, informative and pleasant to deal with unlike some local authorities. They'll be in the phone book under 'fire'.


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Thanks for all of the smart advice!..this is a good forum! Using the advice I did ask the letting agent for specific safety references and also contacted the local fire/safety folk. The result of this was that the Agent said "there had been some confusion" and the notification was intended for new build properties and actually came out in 2001. I believe the tenants were testing us!

I understand that whatever regulation there was, involved FENSA (?) which Ithink is an organisation of window suppliers/manufacturers!

The local fire folk basically were ok with us leaving things as they were.

thanks again for all the good advice.

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The new window regs for new build is for full opening windows to ease escape and also the fitting of NON LOCKABLE handles on upper floors with green push button opening handles.

BUT if you have new windows fitted to an old build then the window company must install to new build regs under FENSA rules.


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Yes thats right. I've recently had new double glazed windows fitted to an old terraced house.

The window has to open to 90 degrees , the companies seem to charge about £50 extra for this wide opening hinge that allows window to open fully.

I had 2 new windows downstairs -only one opens fully, the one in the kitchen is a standard top opener though, the other window which is a downstairs bedroom opens fully.

They are lockable windows but I've kept them unlocked and kept the keys! Seems we need lockable windows for security and insurance quotes and unlockable for fire safety.

The Green push button is a new one for me not heard of that.

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