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Section 8 Repossession


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My husband and I had the unpleasant task of attending court last Friday to regain possession of a property, our first such experience since we began renting out property 12 years ago.

A section 8 notice had been served on the tenants, who failed to turn up at court, and the judge awarded us possession of the property in 14 days. Great, yippee! The judge kept our copies of the notices and some other paperwork, in case we need to go back to court....

The judge was very fair and also awarded us all of the rent arrears, court costs, and any charges for use of occupation after the date of possession. He advised us that the tenants and us would be notified in writing of his decision.

One week later I am still waiting for the letter to arrive, so I rang the court only to be told that it can take them up to 10 working days to issue the letter. That means that by the time the tenant gets the letter (10 plus days out of the required 14 days may have expired) they may have as little as 4 days to vacate.

I am convinced that they will not go when they are supposed to, but has anyone else encountered this delay with notifying tenants? When I told the court official that the tenants did not know that they had 14 days notice, she said 'that was their problem'. Well clearly I now see it as mine as it will delay things even further. Had I expected this delay I would have written to them myself but I am not sure now that it would hold any value to do so at this late stage.

Is this the normal procedure for courts? Does anyone have any advice about how to continue if they do not leave?

Many thanks


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