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Rent increases


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Hi Sam,

I think the 'standard' norm is felt to be 5% pa but in your case I think you should separate the utility bills from the rest.

I'd get a figure in my head and then tell the T's that you will no longer be being responsible for bills.

At the very worst they will leave, or you serve notice, leaving you open to advertise the property again at a set rate.

What you could do is negotiate with the Tenant, explain the situation and tell them that you are thinking of releasing the utility bills from the equation, if it's another £50pcm you want, then just offer them an increase in rent of say £35 and then sign them into a new agreement.

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If prop is hmo (sep asts) then passing bills to T can be an absolute nightmare (trust me i've got the tshirt!)

But if prop is let as a whole (single unit)...then why are you paying bills anyway ?

Standard rent rise is in line with local market prices, conditon of prop etc and VERY relative to what you are charging at present ....

5% is a random figure until all other factors considered...bt if prop ave for area and rent the "norm" already then 5% is about right .....if the T will wear it !!

if T refuses then you will lose 100% of rent ...gain new proc fees, set up fees and possibly a void period ...so if T is any good consider carefully !!

The Rodent

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Hi All,

I've had a tenant for 2 yrs and not increased the rent £300 incl. gas / leccy / water.

Is there a reasonable percentage I can increase by to cover well, er, general increases in everything ?



Find out the rate percentage wise your local authority have increased rents to their tenants...WHO COULD POSSIBLY OBJECT to such an increase.......fair enough I would say!

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