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Advertising house for rent, long term let prices


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I am about to let out my entire house in South London. Where are the best places to advertise it at minimal cost?

Also, do you think it is advisable to offer a longer than 6 month let, and try to charge the tenats more money by offering the security of say 2 years?

Can this be done under a standard short term leasse arrangement?

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Many offer a reduced rent for longer terms as it is to your benefit. Add a clause that if they leave early you want compensation for the equivalent of the difference between the standard rent and the reduced rent for every month lived there to early end of the tenancy.

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I have found a system which works very well

The deal is they give you a rental rate and they pay you every month

There are no fees and therefore you just hand over the property and start receiving rent within 28 days of contract

Thereafter you just get the money in the bank .

There are no hidden issues fees etc etc

Rentrescue@gmail.com for more info.

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Had a look at your site there only appears to be three properties on it


Hello Simon,

The site referred to is mine. I joined here after looking through the stats for the site and seeing it referenced.

ResidentialRentals.co.uk is a long established site that used to carry in excess of 1000 private rental advertisements.

The original rental system was a custom made one that wasn't particularly user-friendly, but it worked ok until one day, the server crashed and the entire site was lost. My fault for not backing it up I guess.

Anyway, after lying dormant for a while, I resurrected it a week or two ago and it's now ready for landlords to add their properties and there is no charge for private landlords to do this. That's why there's only a couple of properties on there.

However, the important thing is the visitor numbers, which, thanks to some search engine optimisation (which is what I do), the visitors are coming back again - and they are looking for properties to rent.

374 unique visitors this month to a virtually empty site isn't bad and those numbers will increase massively once the site becomes populated with more properties.

So, while the market's in the doldrums, what have you got to lose by placing your ad on there for nothing?

This isn't a commercial venture for me - it's just another site in a domain name portfolio of thousands - Google pays the bills while you attract tenants free.

Fair enough?

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On a T shirt...sandwich board maybe !!???

Failing that ....gumtree, flatmate world, torent, fish4 homes etc

The Rodent

Fish 4 Homes currently charge £20 + vat for lanlords to advertise their property for 1 week. I can get adverts on there for £20 for 6 weeks inc VAT if this is of any help - your contact details will be on the ad so potential tenants can contact you directly - Call me on 0161 643 0030. As The Rodent said, Gumtree is a great FREE advertising service. A lot of people do use it to look for private lettings and you can add photos.

Happy Letting!


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I've been investigating these online letting websites lately:

Discount Letting

Letting Agent.com

House Ladder

Has anyone ever used any of the above websites? It would be good to get some reviews. Discount Letting looks nice and professional and the prices look good but, like I say, I've not used them before.

Also, this is my first post so hi to everyone!

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Gumtree is best resource in my experience.

Personally speaking I prefer to rent to tenants who I know have a definite reason to want to move out after a fixed period.


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