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Greedy Landlords!!


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How amusing to see U turns by Landlords who for the last few years have been saying 'No DSS, No HB' in their adverts.

Since the new LHA figures have been introduced at the beginning of the month we are seeing an uptake of DSS clients from those aforementioned LL's.

It does tickle me that. :blink:

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I agree Mark, it will be interesting to see what happens.

However, systems in place should prevent the Tenants getting into arrears.

If they do then there's always the option to request that direct payments be made to LL/LA if there are 8 weeks of arrears.

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Hi J4L,

I know the legislation says that the rent can be diverted to the LL when the tenant is 8 weeks in arrears but you can (and should) ask your Council to suspend the claim (pending investigation) as soon as the tenant does not pay over the LHA.

Suspending the claim should, hopefully, reduce the potential for arrears to 4 weeks but it also provides a much, much stronger sales proposition to the tenant.

ie: If you don't pay over the LHA then I will get your claim suspended and you will get evicted. Why would you risk the roof over your head for a few extra pounds of LHA. What is the most important thing in your life - answe: "A home for your children" - so hand over the money !


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Good point Mark

I shall remember that one


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Good luck guys !

I will be striving to do good clean biz. with much lower risk factors involved.

The Rodent

Good clean biz??

What is that exactly??

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