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notice of early vacation of property


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I have issued my tenants with a section 21 which expires on 8th march 2008,they advised virbally on 8th Feb that they were vacating on 15th Feb,are they still obliged to pay rent until 8th march as they have not given me a months notice.in writing......

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If rent is due on 9th of the month then presumably they have paid for rent for period 9/2 to 8/3 .....

If so ....then no problem ...?

you jave the rent ...no refunds ....

Unless you re let b4 9/3 ....

If rent not received i would take it from bond ......(again unless re let b4 9/3 ) ....

Gpel / Trenners ...why would you want to be not collecting rent due ?

The Rodent

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