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As far as your bank balance is concerned - diddly, enforcing it is usually a waste of time as are the court bailiffs.

If it's over £700 you could try bankrupting them but probably pointless if they're skint. Rent guarantee policies and insurances, good referencing and a proper inventory are probably the 3 most important things in renting to protect yourself.

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Hmmm ....we're back to it again ....!!!!

Get relevant clauses put in to your ast:

1. Late paymt fees (£5 per day for everyday rent is late)

2. Admin fees (£20 for weekly written reminder of late rent)

3. Interest on ALL o/s monies (5% above BoE)

4. Lay out proceedure for bad debt management

5. Employ services of a Debt collector

6. Charge T 15% DC fee + any additional collection fees incurred due to lack of cooperation by T

7. Act quickly and confidentially

8. Make people aware that it will be very expensive to "not" adhere to payment terms ....which act as a fantastic deterrent as other members I'm sure will agree.

The idea here is to first use this as a deterrent by having this lot in your AST then reminding them of the above immediately when rent is late , next stage id to bill them the "inflated" amount ....then offer to wipe out all xtra charges if bal paid off within acceptable time frame ..if they dont want to play then let them have it ..rigt between the eyes ..

Pyhsologically a DC calling at their "home" has a very powerful effect ..trust me ...In fact in my experience it rarely goes this far ..the threat of using one os usually enough!

If all this fails either you or DC can take them to small claims court ....

The above has been discussed at great length on here in the past see below for more details :



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I'd like to give re-assurance that gaining a judgement through a CCJ will result in the recovery of your money; unfortunately, it is highly unlikely. Follow Simon's advice and other pro-active ideas as pre-court action but bottom line is if ultimately going down CCJ route there're no guarantees. The only shining light is that the online CCJ facility is easy to use.

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