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  1. Has anyone used The Sherrifs Office to trace tenants who owe rent and damages? Also how successful is an attachment of earnings?
  2. Me again! As I have not had to advertise for new tenants for some time can I ask what people are now asking prospective tenants. I don't use agents! Is it ok to ask for deposits which would cover 2 months rent? As a private landlord is it ok to ask for copies of passports, bank statements and utility bills, the same as an agent would ask?
  3. Hi, not posted for a while as no problems but I now have a tenant due to move out tomorrow and not sure if she will! I have served the section 21 correctly. Everything else has been done correctly. She is in arrears which the deposit will not cover. How do I check if she has gone, she keeps all the curtains shut so it is hard to tell. At what point can I enter the property to check? I have been in this position before but not for some time, laws change!!!
  4. Situation is as follows: tenant has gone, abroad so we were told. AST runs until December. The tenant was on housing benefit. She has left her belongings in the house. Would it be right to serve a section 21 for possession and leave it at the property? If served now it would coincide with the end of the tenancy agreement. Should we keep her belongings in case she returns and how long do you keep stuff for? Thoughts please
  5. That's good to hear Melboy I will stick with them for this one then and maybe compare when some of the others come up for renewal.
  6. Looking to renew the building insurance on a couple of my properties. Just wondering which companies people use. I'm currently with Direct Line. I've never had to claim so no idea if they actually live up to their adverts!
  7. Yes, I do agree with you. I don't think I have any problem with my current tenant and so long as we all agree it should be Ok. Thank you for your advice , it is always good to run these things by others with experience.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I always get references and do my own background checks and I have info re the possible new tenant. The reason I questioned the AST is because in my law pack it says to have the new tenant complete the old tenancy. What is the legality of the current tenant if we both agree to end it early? As the deposit is with the DPS and registered as a 12 month tenancy are they ok with paying it back early? I must say this landlord deposit business does annoy me. The law certainly favours the tenant, and it shouldn't take so long to get deposits back.
  9. I have a tenant who wants to leave before the end of their tenancy agreement date. They have a prospective replacement tenant of similar status so I don't really object in principle. I understand the new tenant can take on the old tenancy until the end of the term but what happens after that? Do I then give the new tenant an AST in their name. How do we deal with the deposit? It is lodged with the DPS, can we claim it back before the end of the stated tenancy?
  10. I have had this happen to me, it's not a problem, just annoying. All you have to do is phone the supplier and tell them what has happened and they will come and change the meter back for you ( no charge ) Having said that as I was about to do this this my new tennant said he would be happy to have gas and electric pay as you go meters. The meter may have been forced on them due to outstanding debt to the supplier, this is what had happened at my property. It is an expensive way to pay for fuel but stops them running up huge debts.
  11. Is it allowed to name and shame bad tenants on this forum ? My Tennants have now 'done a runner' with a large debt. As they have left no forwarding address I am getting all their post, including one from the council with details of a private landlord who is willing to let them rent a property ( subject to a credit check ) ! I even have the address of the property.I have also found out where they are staying at the moment. I just thought it would be good to warn other landlords about these people ( they have also left my property uninhabitable ) Jazz
  12. Just for anyone who is interested, I did have to go to court ,with the tennant ,to be asked some questions by a judge. As someone who has never been in a court before I wasn't sure what to expect but it was ok. The judge ran rings round my tennant was very pleasant to me and told the tennant he could only grant him an extra 10 days or the court would evict him. My tennant also told the judge he would pay all outstanding rent by tommorrow !! yeah right ! Well now I've been through that I will not hesitate to use the court to get my arrears ( I now know how much money my tenants earn, thanks to
  13. The judge ruled in favour ! gave them 14 days to vacate BUT I also got a letter telling me I have to go to court for a hearing ??? Anyone know why that is ? I phoned the court but they couldn't understand why I to go either !
  14. A notice of issue was served by the court for me and on day 14 the tennent filed a defence asking for another 42 days to find somwwhere else to live ! They have had nearly 4 months already ! Does the court usually take the side of the tennant? Or can I do anything about it.
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