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Premium Credit

Adam R

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Does anyone else pay by instalments with Premium Credit through Commercial Express in Dudley?

I have one of my policies on this system and they have recently increased their interest from 8.00% to 8.5%

My other insurances are with C & R Insurance near Bristol and they are also paid with Premium Credit but the interest is only 5.7%.

When I looked into the matter I found that Commercial Express were adding this extra interest on and pocketing it themselves. Noone ever mentioned this to me.

C & R only add the interest charged by Premium Credit and take nothing themselves.

This makes a difference to the outgoings each year for insurance if you pay this way.

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Virtually every single company dealing with any form of financial credit will be increasing % terms as from Monday (unless something happens in the meantime).

We are on the brink of a Global meltdown or should that be meltup of cheap credit ending.

Watch the National papers on Monday Morning!


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