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AST clauses and access issue


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Would anyone be willing to let me see a version of their tenancy agreement? I would like to know what conditions can be attached (specifically whether I could limit how many nights a partner could stay) and what other conditions people routinely use and where on the form they insert them?

Also, this is a seperate issue about access and would appreciate advice if anyone has any. i have a family renting a house from me that's an end of a terrace property with an alley. The next door neighbour has legal rights to use the alley to access her garden. (it was designed for access for coal deliveries which is no longer applicable). While things are ok at the moment, my tenants complained because the gardner and window cleaners were walking down the alley, throught my tenants' gate then between the back of the house and the garden to access the neighbour's garden without even bothering to check if anyone was home, let alone ask. I had an argument with the neighbour about my tenants right to privacy, sense of community, common decency etc and their argument was that because they had legal rights, they did not have to ask first. we argued round in circles and I haven't heard from anyone since; the tenants haven't complained and all seems ok at the mo. Is this worth taking to court and chellenging as a redundant right of access, or should I just leave it alone?

many thanks

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You have answered your own No 2 question:

Right of Access......that's it! Nothing you can do about it. I am very familiar with this set-up of back garden access in terrace properties. The neighbouring property doesn't have to ask anybody for permission to cross to their property.

Even if it was not laid down in any deeds (which it probably is) if right of way has been walked for 10 years or more than the person has the right to cross which is why you see these little placards up on walls in alleys etc. stating "There is no right of access for the public" or " Not a dedicated public right of way" to stop the access becoming a public right.


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