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Choosing tenants


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Hi all,

Me and my partner are new landlords and are at viewing stage of our property. We are fortunate to have quite a few viewings booked up but won't want to charge propsective tenants (if they don't get the property) or fork out our own money to pay for reference/credit checks on everyone that is interested. So,

a) what do you tell the people that you aren't going to run checks on because you don't want them

:rolleyes: what do you tell the people you do run checks on but you don't want them, obviously if their check results are rubbish you tell them that but if they're fine, but you'd rather have someone else, what do you say then?

Also are they allowed to ask for the results of their checks?

Hope this makes sense, would really appreciate help as first viewings are on Tuesday.

Many thanks,


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I find your posting very amusing.

You are looking to select a tenant to enter into a business transaction with you .... not looking to offer someone a contract of employment in your buy-to-let business.

Rather than wasting your time and the prospective tenants time, I would have thought you could have done the majority of your "interviewing" over the telephone and - having qualified OUT all of the time wasters and unsuitable tenants - only show suitable "applicants" the property.

Once you have met an applicant and they have agreed to take the property - why continue to waste your time showing others. Take the property "off the market" whilst you follow up references.

Remember you are dealing with people and - right now - these tenants have quite a bit of choice on which landlord THEY choose to go into business with (ie: who they rent a property from) so I would suggest that you do not make your selection process to onerous (else you will put everyone off your property and it will remain empty and earning no income).

Good Luck ........


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