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READ THIS...Re Cannabis Factories....

Simon Dewsberry

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Hi All

Have posted several times recently on this ..

Police in South Wales appear to be uncovering Cannabis Factories on a daily basis in Cardiff and the surrounding areas....

In the last week we have another two approx 200yds from my office - one suspicious neighbour saw T carrying several trays of small plants in the back door which resulted in the front door being kicked in within the hour by police which uncovered one.

A letting agent tried to book an inspection in with a t who was being "difficult" about it - sensing "something was not right" she drove past the property to see ...All the upstairs curtains were drawn, back and front, she tried the key in the door to find the lock had been changed ....999 and with in 30 mins another one found....

And in last night's paper, one actually in a respectable suburb - on the same road that i live on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things to look for

from talking to a lot of people, seeing one for myself and doing a lot of reading - there are quite a few tel tale signs to look for ...

First T will almost certainly want to pay cash

When they move in it will be mainly black bags AND i mean hundreds of them - as everthing is taken in black bags - compost, flower pots, rols of plastic foil,black out plastic, fans, extractors,hoses, cabling,sockets, lights,plus a whole lot more ....(speak to neighbours to see if this has been the case)

Within a few days Curtains will be drawn and stay that way - if you had see thru curtains b4 and now seem to have heavy thick (light blocking)ones installed start worrying.

The door locks will almost certainly be changed immediately .......(BIG TIP..get some bright red nail varnish and put it on the barrel around the key hole so that it is clearly visible from the perimeter of the prop- this means that a cursory glance on a driveby or walk by will tell you if lock has been changed without risking trying your key)

Lots of activity with people coming and going after dark - t not parking their cars right outside but arriving on foot -

These guys are predominantly chinese vietnamese or japanese - but if they are not - do not let your guard down!!..............

They can get a crop out in 6-12 weeks .........


When house is raided local lecky co will shut off power until it is deemed safe - sometimes "gardeners" use existing power supply which may need you need a full re wire - and have a very real risk of house cathing fire with power levels drawn from supply. The professionals will install their own consumer unit and circuits/sockets.

If bill is in your name you may find that they will not re-energise until very large bill is settled..........

The aftermath

If possible be present when police gain entry - (much better if you find it first - On the proviso that no-one is in of course!!....)

Nice "gardeners" will protect your floors with heavy duty plastic stapled about a foot up the walls then aluminised plastic right uo the walls and across the ceiling to reflect heat and light back to the plants and avoid detection from "leaking light" and heat (thermal imaging from helicopters)

The not so nice will just cover your carpet in 4-6" of compost and water and grow straight from the floor or in pots with no protection..

There will be tight "wire lines" a few inches from the ceiling to suspend hydrophonic lights and industrial extactor unit also an 8" -12" dia hole in your ceiling for extractor hoses . extra shelves high on the walls to hold light transformers and timers and a big extractor unit mounted on another wall ...

The bathroom will be full of buckets syringes for chemical (fertilizers) and cuttings and one room will be allocated for "stores" 30 bags of "a" grade compost, pots etc.

A friend of mine actually gained entry to his prop and walked round it and discovered most of this -although "not impressed" he could see that the damage was actually quite "minimal" !! ...........

Then he called the police ......They arrived and destroyed the "factory" Unfortunately the mess they made was far worse than the mess the "gardeners" made

-I saw both before and after scenes -----and the mess the police made was un neccessary and outrageous ......He has pics of the after but not the before but is making a formal complaint ....Compost trodden into all carpets, plants cut off at pot level then contents emptied out of first floor window (400-600 of them )

All new sealed bags of compost -not removed but emptied in to a mountain on the rear patio - Drains blocked 2' under compost. Curtains torn down and trodden into compost on internal doors - sofa upside down, cushion thrown in all directions - Drw contents emptied in piles on floors and strewn about - Drws themselves strewn around. Scenes of crime "arrow stickers" stuck on walls, floors, doors, units, windows, worktops, cills etc All carpets and floors filthy ...

It goes on......................

It took 2 skips to remove the mountain of compost from the garden .....

The "police" electrician was no better making a right mess when he removed "extra"wiring...

I think it was disgraceful and completely uncalled for...........

The point of all this ...............IF you have an opportunity to take some pics before the police "destroy " for god's sake get some - or a walk around video as you cannot believe the mess the police made............


When you find one you are about to cost someone 20-100k .................CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY...............


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...........I wonder how many other Landlords out there in Landlord Land are blissfully unaware of the problems of these cannibis factories?

We have had a numerous amount of cannibis houses here in the Swindon area including, and as I mentioned before, a house burnt down by faulty wiring to the heat lamps. £80000 worth of damage!

Good job it's only a class 3 drug eh! and it also has Government approval seeing as most ofl the front bench of Labour Ministers seemed to have enjoyed a puff or two at some time.


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Good sound advice here Simon.

You DO seem to know a lot though, haha.

Are you Chinese?? lol

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