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You may not be aware but the forum has a new King.

The legend that is "Rodent" has now surpassed the wise-elderly Melboy in the number of posts and on his 400th post has been crowned king forumer.

Although this is a very prestigous award I would like to note that this does not in any way make the King Forumer a "Topic expert".

The sheers number of posts by Rodent has seen him rise very quickly and it is expected he will be king for a very long time. The only possible contender in the near future would be prince J4L.

Please salute our new "King"!

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Anybody who is still tapping away on the keyboard at 2am on this Forum with replies deserves my vote as Forum King. :D

Most of us are so sha**ed out from a day's graft we are all bouncing Z's off the ceiling in a deep coma at 2am!

..........and less of the elderly please Matthew.........wise?.... a possible 'yes' to that. :D

And never forget, it is quality that counts and not quantity,unless your counting gold bars that is. :D


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Hi Matt

Thank you for your kind words !

My other half bought me a peerage for my birthday last year so acustomed as i am to being a LORD (by depole only - and no, i havent actually bothered to do it !!) It is a great honour to become Royalty - as an accountant, if you could show me the method required to acheive the non tax paying status of the rest of the royal family it would be greatly appreciated.....(watch for more on this!)

How pleased Mel will be with "elderly" i dont know ......but will, i'm sure appreciate the "wise"...........

I would like to confirm that i am not in any way a "Topic Expert" and you can thank yours truly that none of us are labelled as such ....which is only right,

but as you know i will give my views and opinions on most topics (not neccessarily accurate or correct!!!) and will explore multiple solutions to new problems ..............!

"The only possible contender in the near future would be prince J4L."

This could become a long drawn out power struggle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - but it must be said that without differing opinions, discussion cannot be had, and although a lot of heated debate is sparked off by "agents" in general (yep Trenners thats you as well....!!) it certainly is good to get a different view on things .....I have learnt a lot from this forum and i hope all reading have gleaned something from the daily banter !!!!!!!!!LoL

As J4L would say "for the good of the industry as a whole" !!!!!!

I have yet to discuss my remuneration with the resident !!!!!


PS re Topic expert...- I am not a gynaecologist either.......but i'll have a bloody good look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

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Do we have to doff our caps, curtsy or what?

Whats the proper form of address for our revered leader? .....Your Maj....Your Highness.....Your round?

Will he stop talking to us from the lower levels?

This is very worrying.............Will he start charging for his advice?

I'm only a new agent from the subterranean regions (Not many landlords down here) and I'll miss the wisdom of his

prophetic offerings if he no longer visits the underworld.

I bid you goodnight mien Herr...........I mean...my liege.

I'm off for another Stella to calm my nerves and induce a state of calm acceptance of whatever will now become of this forum.


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Doff the caps yes!!

Oh i dunno, if i'm the potential 'prince' then do I need to? cos surely all of this will someday become MINE!!!

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