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Tenants Not replying to letters re rental - help!

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I have a rented apartment that was a rent-back to the vendors. We spent some money to improve the kitchen, bathroom & separate downstairs WC. They were to finish off the redecoration to the lounge and bedrooms.

They have been paying their rent but there was an increase due last month in accordance with their original 6 month AST. We jumped a bit when their first rent payment was apparently late after the agreed initial 6 month rent-free period. It was our fault as they had set up the S/Order to leave their account on the due date. They have not responded to 2 letters sent advising of the new rentals due and also asking for access for a surveyor to re-value the property so that we can re-mortgage to try to fix the rent for 3 year period. Have tried e-mail but the recent message bounced. Have tried phoning but no reply or mobile switched off or no longer used.

Have tried to be open and upfront but nothing coming back.

Planning to resort to a recorded delivery letter next. Technically they are going into arrears situation.

Would prefer to sort amicably for long term rental.

Don't want to be seen to be harassing them, but need to get a reply of some sort.

Any suggestions please. :(




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Go round and knock on the door. If no sign of life try giving notice of intention to perform a property inspection on agreed date and to get back to you if not convenient. If no reply, enter the property and ascertain if still living there.

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In situations like this Rich you have to go and eye-ball the property to see exactly what is going on.

This is not harrassment this is understanding the situation so as any problem can be resolved between Landlord and Tenant.

Does sound like they have flitted away into the Moonlight though......keep us all posted on what happens please.


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