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Cannabis Factory Discovered

Simon Dewsberry

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I have a "friend" who this week discovered that his house had been turned into a cannabis factory (quite a big serious one!) - House was not too bad until police trashed it removing all associated articles...........

But the long and short of it is that LL took big deposit and rent up front so is actually a few grand up on the deal after repairs.

The Bond was protected under INS scheme, so he has the cash in his hand ........

My question : How, and when could he have got that back if it were in the deposit scheme ?

Also told him to put ad in local chinese takeway

"Fully fitted cannabis factory TO LET - immediate occupation available " !

He hasn't seen the funny side of that one yet !


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He was lucky if they found it quickly as use of this not only destroys the house but the water and all the gunk gets into the plaster/ceiling and would need replacing.

One round the corner took 6 months and £18,000 to put right.

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