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Hi All

This is my first time renting a flat so please pardon my ignorance. I am moving into a shared flat within the next week. I will pay 2 weeks rent deposit, then 1 week rent in advance. I plan to stay in this property for about 1 year until I buy my own house.

The landlord seems to be nice enough but when I asked about a phone line she said that the flat didnt have one and she didnt really want one in incase she is left with a big bill when a tenant leaves.(understandable)

I really need a BT line for my broadband account which i am tied to for another 10 months and I need it for work/study. Would a landlord usually reconsider not allowing a phone line ? Should I offer to pay an increased deposit or pay rental more in advance to show collateral ?

Thanks in advance for any advice/info !


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Unless you offer to pay any installation costs and have the line put in your name then i would have to agree with th LL!

But would be perfectly happy with the above - in todays world i certainl wouldn't be without the "net" nor deprive a Tenant of it .......!

The responsibility for the bill however, i always firmly give to the tenant!

Hope this helps !


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Ah yes that went without saying that I would pay installation costs and get it in my name. Thanks for the input ;)

Your Landlord is obviously blissfully ignorant of the utility rules for Tenants.

Provided the account is in the Tenants name the Landlord has absolutely no responsibility for defaulting tenants failing to pay the bill.

I would never NOT have a phone line in my properties for the very reason you have stated......Internet access is an essential item these days.


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