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Housing benefit

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What’s the worst housing benefit claim period in your area

I would be interested to know because my local council has deteriorated and I have claims outstanding up to 10 weeks now.

I got sick of it and went around my portfolio handing out section 8’s and 21’s to all in arrears.

If you have any other ideas on how to push a claim into payment I would be interested


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Hi Laura,

I think Section 8 notices is the best way to get the claim processed as most HB departments have a 48hour turn around once the tenant has received a Section 8.

I serve Section 21 on all my HB tenants when they move into the property and I tell them that if they don't fill their HB forms in correctly and push the Council to process the claim then we will evict them after 6 months.

If the HB claim is more than 4 weeks then I automatically serve a Section 8 (as the rent is technically 8 weeks late).

This usually has the desired effect !


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