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Informal Agreement


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I am posting this on behalf of a work colleague and would just like to confirm whether the info I have given her is correct.

She rented a flat out to a tenant for a 3 month period which and stipulated that either side can give two weeks notice. The three month period has expired and my colleague has telephoned, texted and e-mailed the tenant to ask what date she is leaving, however the tenant is not replying to any of these messages. :o

I have not seen a copy of the tenancy agreement, and am not convinced that there is anything written down, and it may all have been agreed verbally.

My advice to her was that the landlord must give two months notice (no matter what the length of the tenancy), and I also advised that she carries out a property inspection asap, to check out the situation face to face. I have also suggested that she puts in writing her wishes to repossess the property.

Could you please confirm that my advice was correct, and add any comments that may assist her with this predicament.

Many thanks


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She needs to issue a s21 immediately to gain possession of the property.

Despite the agreement being for only 3 months, the tenant can legally stay for 6 months if they wish to.

2 months notice is required from the landlord, so it must be issued now!


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go to prop and check if she is still in residence !!!!!!!!!!!

She has probaly gone and left keys on kitchen table as per original agreement - if not discuss when you arrive - if awkward then stick the rent thru roof if you want her out - or reasonable if to stay and sign "proper " agreement ..


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