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Birds in the chimney stack !

Simon Dewsberry

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Hi All

I had a call from a distressed Tenant today, informing me that there were seagulls nesting on the chimney and one of the young seagulls had fallen down the chimney and was trapped behind the bricked up fireplace in her bedroom, on the ground floor. It had been there for 2 days flapping and sqawking and clearly couldn't get out and she wanted me to "sort it out" !!

After informing her that i was not Father christmas and i had lost Rudolphs mobile tel, no I suggested she call the rspca or rspb - she did, then called me back to say that they would only attend after we had created a hole big enough for person to get their head thru, into the blocked up fireplace.........could i go round with a sledge hammer and make such a hole ?.........as there was no way they would send anyone one until this had been done!

Yeh, no problem be with you in 5mins.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT !!

Fortunately, the very same thing happened around 4 years ago in the same house but in a different chimney stack, we were able to remove the vent (which we always have the good sense to fit when bricking up fireplaces!-damp etc) the hole was about 4" x 5" which was just enough for someone to put their hand in and retrieve the bird ...

So i recounted the story to her and requested that she ring the rspca back and ask that they send someone with a small head to "have a look" !............LOL

Around a hour later i had another call to say that the rspca had attended and bird had been "rescued"; presumably by a midget, with a pin head and 4' telescopic arms HaHAHA...

Brightened my day up picturing this ..........!

Did cross my mind that i should get up on the roof and put some mesh on the pots ....I'll add it to the 5 year plan then............LOL


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Chimney-pot steel mesh bird guards are available form any Fireplace Centre Simon for around £25 and are very easily fitted.

Tax deductable as well! ;)

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haha - very good

and.... i agree! they are of course tax deductible!

Hi simon

I am a gas man by trade i come across this all the time.

You are right about having a vent (9 x 6) around 125 cm2.

You can get a terminal called a GC 1 or GC 2 depending on size for around £5-10 from any Plumb Centre it should come with a clamping plate. Really easy to fit take off the old pot (could be used as a feature in the garden) and cement the new one in.

P.s to all any more advice on gas, Heating or Corgi advice please ask



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