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Document/Lease Generation Tools


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Is anyone using any doc gen software for creating leases?

I'm looking for a software/tool that will auto-fill various parts of my lease with rental/tenant data. For example, I'd like to fill in all the basic info in a central location such as tenant name(s), rent rate, address, start and end date, etc., and then have those fields populate in the appropriate locations within the lease. That way I'm only typing the values once, and I can edit them in one spot without scouring the document to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I'd prefer a third-party solution as I don't want to switch my property management software right now. I know some management software has this type of functionality baked in, but in my experience it typically limits you to use their standard lease (maybe I'm wrong on this?).

Anyway, if anyone has a good solution for this I'd like to hear about it.

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I don't understand the benefits this would provide. We use lettings agents, they deal with hundred of properties. They just print off a new blank tenancy agreement and using a pen fill in the details......just takes a few minutes. It's checked, double checked, signed and issued, job done. I guess if there were readily available software at the right price and it provided benefits or improved the process, they'd be using it. But they dont.

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