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I guess it depend what the cat 1 hazard is and does it effect your flat. If so you have a legal obligation to to provide certain things and conditions to your tenant.

This question isnt quite as silly as it may seem on the face of it because the cat 1 hazard may have no connection to your part of the building.


I have just received a first stage cat 2 hazard notification from the council for one of my flats which is rented out. There are 12 flat in the block, flat 1-3 (mine is flat 1) is completely separate from the other 9 other than a small raised walkway.  The cat 2 hazard relate to a electrical box solely  for F10 by f10 door and leaking guttering which solely relates to F4-F12.

However, the council in their wisdom have sent the notice to all the leaseholders of all 12 of he flats because the freeholder in this case has no responsibility in maintaining the building and there is no group management of the building.    

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