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Hi all,

I assume that if a deposit is taken for a lodger, it needs to go into the scheme too???

If so, do most people bother with this, given that they have less rights and are easier to "kick out"?

Maybe charge 2 months rent in advance?

Thanks in advance,


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No, the tenancy scheme does not apply to lodgers, only to lets where where is an AST contract in place with tenants.

I have a lodger "agreement" which combines a mini-contract with rules of the house. I have reduced my lodger deposit to £100 to attract a wider audience and also to compete with the new deposit-free schemes.

I now have a 24 yr old French Salsa dancer as my lodger and getting along fine having signed the agreement. And my French has improved a lot too!


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Thanks mate,

I read this:

If I rent out just one room of my own house to a lodger, do I need to

>obtain a Landlord's Gas Safety Record?


>Even if you rent out just one room in your property you need to obtain


>Landlord's Gas Safety Record, in accordance with Regulation 36 of The Gas

>Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This states that the

>landlord is responsible for any gas appliance or any installation pipe work

>which, directly or indirectly, serves the relevant premises and which

>either is installed in any part of the premises in which the landlord has

>an estate or interest, or is owned by the landlord or is under his control.


Is this incorrect?



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Hi Mat

Not to familiar with "LODGERS" !!but my cental heating engineer was with me today so i asked him - he was not sure either so he rang corgi immediately and result was YES you do need ticket if you have a Lodger ! - or so the corgi guy said ...........................

Why not write to corgi and get a "written" confirmation !

I would just do it anyway and be glad that what amounts to a couple of quid, could very well save YOUR life !

I personally think residential homes should ALL be made to have annual checks as the young and elderly stand far less chance of evacuating in an emergency - young fit students can jump out of windows easily enough- i personally get my home done annually as i have 3 kids, a conscience & common sense ! and the bonus now -peace of mind !

Rest Assured in years to come all props will have to(quite rightly) have tickets!


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Thanks mate, that's good enough for me.

It's actually for my brother. I told him he should get one done anyway, since not only is it worth it anyway as you say above, but when I moved in there 5 years ago the boiler looked pretty old and ropey, also advised him to get a carbon monoxide poisoning detector.

Thanks again.

I agree, but I can't see them enforcing it. I think anyroom with a child or the elderly in should have firedoors and fire alarm systems up to HMO standard, but they won't do this as it would mean all the council houses would need loads of money spent. Unfortunately it is the way of the world today. So they just enforce it in the HMO's, as these are the most profitable, but not on certain HMO's, i.e. ones for the NHS etc... Cos that makes sense??? The problem with this, as you mention, is that HMO's are nearly always filled with 20 somethings, which means:

A: They know what to do in the case of a fire, and

B: They are physically capable of doing what they need to do, i.e. climbing out the window, or scaling a roof :-)

It's just stupid, and you wonder how these polititians arrive at such policies.

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Also, it seems a gas certificate will be required, is this definately the case?

Sorry Matthew I missed this bit.

Yes, you will need a certificate.

Anybody (Landlord) who is receiving payment (rent) in any premises that contains a gas fired boiler or gas fire requires a gas safety check and the issuing of a gas certificate.


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This does seem to be a grey area: the relevant HSE legislation talks about lodgers and tenants, then only refers to tenant's accomodation.

Lodgers aren't tenants, They don't have exclusive use. The HSE does seem to accept this.

I suppose it would keep everyone happy to get one - they're only about £50 or £60 and if the boiler's a bit ropey it would be worthwhile. It may prolong the boiler's life - and that of your brother.

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I agree, but I can't see them enforcing it.


Easy way is to make the Corgi system readable by insurance companies in a similar way to MOT's and Insurance docs are registered with DVLA.

No record of Corgi cert online then insurance loading of £300. Mortgage co can access similar so then mortgage breach.

Unfortunately as its Big Brother then its likely to happen.

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