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Tenant Guarantee Scheme launched


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The ground-breaking Tenant Guarantee Scheme is now operational and is already accepting tenants into membership.

The essential features are that landlords who accept members of our scheme as tenants receive the benefit of a rental guarantee of up to three month’s rent, plus contents insurance cover equal to one month’s rent, plus legal cost cover of up to £1,000. They also have the comfort of knowing that members have been credit checked and are committed to displaying their credentials as good, responsible tenants.

The cost to tenants is little more than they would pay an agent for credit checks and documentation. Landlords who see benefit in the scheme can pay for tenants if they so wish, otherwise there is no cost whatsoever.

Further, as we believe the Tenant Guarantee Scheme provides a viable alternative to deposits, landlords who accept tenants on the basis of the guarantee alone will not have to become involved with deposits or in deposit protection schemes – and all the cost, bureaucracy and uncertainty and inconvenience involved.

Tenants gain also because through membership they can rent properties that might otherwise be out of their reach solely because of the need for a large security deposit.

Our website iguarantee.co.uk has all the details of the scheme including sample insurance policies and guarantees and online registration.

In launching the scheme we believe we are offering a valuable service to both landlords and tenants by helping to overcome the hassles involved with deposits and also rewarding members for their record as exemplary tenants.

If you have further queries about the scheme, please call us on 01322 311795 (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm).

Best regards,

The Residential Landlord Team

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