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HIPS put back to august!

Simon Dewsberry

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Shove it in the Bin! (along with Ruth Kelly!)

The most useless piece of disorganised legislation ever to come from any Government in the last 100 years

You have to go back to the Window Tax of George 111 (?) for something as stupid as HIP's.

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They come in 3's

HMO regs



wait a minute 4's ; with the new smoking laws !


Make that 5! Micro chips in wheelie bins!

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Seriously though, wouldn't the government have done better by spending their outlay on EPCs by organising bulk energy saving such as loft insulation or cavity wall filling, street by street.

Where I live about 20 houses are same age/design. Last summer I took up an offer for cavity wall filling, reducing following winter's energy bill by a good 20%. A few weeks later my neighbour did the same, with a different contractor. Given that my carport had to be dismantled twice for ladders to drill holes, I'm sure it would have been more efficient if someone had arranged to do the whole road, or a postcode area, in one organised hit.

Could we campaign for some scheme like this?

I don't think people will use EPCs to choose a house. Do you? There are so many other considerations.

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I cannot understand the logic behind HIPS at all - the searches are going to be done by solicitor anyway (AND NOT SURPRISINGLY A WHOLE LOT CHEAPER) the energy rating really has no place in the decision to buy or not - the fact that a house has double glazing and a new combi boiler are on property details anyway - thats enough for me.

So who benefits :

not the vendor - he just gets an unnecessary bill

the buyer - not really as above

the solicitor has just lost a couple of quid

estate agent - profit for facilitating the HIP

HIP "surveyor" - yep he will do alright out of it

Also a couple off thousand of the unemployment figures

and forgive me for being cynical but what a fantastic way for the government to collect tons of raw data to asses the state of the nations housing stock - then maybe bring in min standards on energy efficiency as legislation at a later date.

And all this with us paying the bill ! and under the guise of helping the "property sale process". How gullible is the british population today ?!

If they want to help the "property sale process" then wind the clock back a bit and get rid of stamp duty or put it on properties of £1mil Plus

Stop trying to mess with the markets and leave the interest rate alone !

If they really are concerned about energy in the UK a far more important issue is to protect the uk population from Microwave emissions from mobile masts and wifi networks as this issue is gathering momentum on a daily basis - and with good reason.


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