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Rental changes and the tenants Deposit scheme

landlord john

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Hello.  My sister is a landlady and is thinking of changing the level of rent for the tenant.  She is no longer connected with an estate agent as she got rid of them a while ago.  However, the estate agents still hold the tenants deposit scheme.   My question is that if she changes the rent does that have (as i suspect) a bearing on the amount paid originally by the tenants?  In other words if the rent was reduced would the estate agents needs to know this and would the tenant be in line for a rebate on the scheme currently at 5 weeks of the rent paid. 

Thank you for your help.

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I'm struggling to get past your first sentence.

Was the rent set to high initially e.g above the market rent or has the landlord decided to operate a charitable operation ?

Most of us on this web site, no, probably all of us are in the property lettings business to make a profit. Making small concessions to existing tenants such as minimal annual rent increases, sending a Christmas card and providing the occasional bottle of wine when they have been particularly helpful is probably the limit for the vast majority of landlords.

Why plant the idea or opportunity of a rent reduction in a tenants mind ?........when the same opportunity of a mortgage lender offering a reduction in the landlords monthly payments are absolutely NIL.

Why do you think tenants should be treated any more favourably than other members of society ?


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