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Hugh Pursey

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Hi, I am renting my house longterm and my tenant is in her second and wants to stay.She has always paid her rent, but is sometimes a little late.

The property is currently managed by an agent, but any repair issues are refered to me.I am considering managing without the agent and would welcome any advise or comments.

Thank you.Hugh


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I've spent 20+ years using a lettings agent to find tenants and to handle some of the paperwork, whilst I self managed the properties. Its worked for me, I'm very hands on and enjoy dealing with the day to day stuff that gets thrown at landlords.


* I am local (within a few miles) of all of the properties,

* I have built up a list of trusted tradesmen I can rely on to carry out the repairs & maintenance I can't or don't want to do, 

* I have some years of experience and of making mistakes which I have learnt from.

* I have a trusted Agent who has been in business 35 years who I can rely on for contacts, legal & landlord advice.


+  Don't underestimate the absolute necessity of getting all of the paperwork done & done correctly.

+ You need to have most of those things in place to ensure any mistakes are small ones.

+ I recommend you join a landlord association, they can be very helpfull.

+ Try to build contacts with other landlords, you can learn a lot by sharing experiences.

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