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Rip off roof repair.


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Hi, I have a small studio in a small terrace block of converted building, it has 5 flats in all and business on ground floor and basement.

The management company said a year ago that  there are leaks from the roof to a flat below, emergency repair needed. Which is true.

Several quotes were given by 3 different companies all around £3800 plus our management fee 2.5%.so not a lot.

For reason I don’t know they were not accepted.

Nearly a year later nothing has been done.

Scaffolding was put up to inspect the roof by the companies and then taken down ,however 4 months ago our management informed us that they were not experienced to manage the repair. Really ? Not complex repair ! They said they will get a surveyor to get quotes and to oversee the repair.

The repair consists of removing small amount of roofing felt, tv areal’s temporarily off chimney’s, re point 2 chimneys and re flash with lead .

Not a huge job but will  required scaffolding on both sides of the terrace building.

Yesterday they sent us the quotes the surveyor obtained , all 3 quotes over £50000 yes fifty thousand pounds plus 12.5% surveyor fee plus Vat plus our management fee of 2.5%.

Its an absolute rip off.

What can we do ? Do we have right now to refuse the lowest quote and get our own quotes?
where do we stand, help much appreciated.


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You should be served with a section 20 notice. This details what needs doing & why and provides leaseholders with the opportunity of supplying the contact details of contractors who may be able to carry out the work.

Search the internet for 'section 20 notice'....this will give you the info you are looking for.

It seems your freeholders/ managing agents don't know or understand what their legal responsibilities are.

You won't be able to escape their 2.5% fee or the additional cost of a qualified building surveyor to oversee the work.

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Thank you.

we have just been served section 20 notice.

we know we have to pay the 2.5% management fee, thats ok.

the surveyor charge 12.5% from the quote we accept, why would he get a good quote! Higher quote more money.

as the surveyor is involved can we still get our own quotes?
having used a surveyor to get quotes we expected to get detailed quotes as he is a professional however the quotes did not even state which quality Lead will be used around the chimneys and dormers , it is important detail and not specifying it the builder will use the cheapest Code3 Lead for sure which is not acceptable.

I know lot about this type work as I managed a complete replacement of a roof including roof trusses ,4 dormer’s etc ..I bought all materials myself and employed all individual tradesmen, all went well. 

I am not looking to do this as it’s not my building but I know what is involved.

none of the quotes included any warranty ,the building has a history of bad roof repair so needs to be done properly.


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As I say.....type  ' section 20 notice' into your search engine and you will see what a section 20 notice should include and what you are entitled to do when you receive it. There are time limits involved so you need to read and act quickly.

Do let us know how it goes.

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You may need to research "section 20 notice" on the internet. This document details your rights and allows tenants to provide contact information for contractors who can do the work. When I encountered a similar situation, I used the "section 20 notice" to my advantage. In doing so, I was able to avoid the 2.5% fee. I also contacted the top Indianapolis roof company for you so they could quickly fix the roof repair problem. They did a great job, and they did it quickly. I am sure that everything will work out for you.

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Surely you would have obtained more than 1 quote for the repairs ? There are no limits to how many quotes you can get. If a contractor provides a ridiculously high quote it sometimes indicates that they don't really want the job !  Just get others to quote for the repairs, nobody suggested it was easy.

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I'm not an expert in this area, but I think it would be a good idea to do some research on your specific rights and options as a tenant/owner in this situation. It might also be helpful to talk to some other professionals or seek out some other quotes to compare to the ones you've already received. Good luck with everything, and I hope you're able to get the repairs done soon! Oh, and by the way, if you're ever in need of a roofing company, check out this link: https://www.theroofersofportstlucie.com/. They might be able to help you out!

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