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Licence to Occupy, and easy Repossession

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Am I confused or was it here I read of some one claiming that a licence to reside (rather than the AST) means the landlord can repossess w/o all cr*p we must endure?

If memory serves the upshot was that we may call it what we like and ask a T to signa as such, but essentially if we have T's they have the rights as we understand.

Anyway to the crux. Today I attended my M/cr property. Neighbours are complaining that residents in 2 house o the small street are bad news. Police visits regularly, rubbish cast over fences, anti social sorts generally. Stated to be rehabilitating druggies who don't aren't deserving of our precious air.

As I conversed 2 police officers visit one property, a few minutes later 2 'managers' visit the other. The managers were bouncer / bailiff types. Capable of a style of communication but clearly ready to deal with an adverse situation. 

A neighbour I chatted with believes these houses are enjoying revenues of £3k pm, as the occupants are 'vulnerable', take it with a pinch of salt, but in case I left my number for the 'managers' to call me back. 

During the call the manager who rang stated that the occupants are under licence, their licence. They hoof 'em at will. The neighbour was aware that this was done for one bod last week, as he was threatening the others and stealing from them. Too good to be true? I've yet to view the contract I might have with the 'managers', but beyond that is this licence to hoof 'em even feasible? The managers sub let, so let from me, does this make them LL and so absolve me of the legal risks of illegal eviction?


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