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Supply of Required Information to Tenants

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Most are aware of our continually increasing responsibilities to our poor, disadvantaged and bullied tenants, that we expect to live in the squaller we provide them, for extortionate and unjustified rents that we demand from them at gunpoint.

A few years back I created 'Tenancy Packs'. The 2nd page detailed the contents, that included all the legislative required stuff and more. It would also include meter readings at start of occupancy. Both parties would sign and date. The record of required information given to T's was so created and I needed to just keep a copy of the one page, aside from AST's and of reports of course.

The latest requirement is for us to provide 9 pages of EICR to each existing T within 28 days of the 1st April. A bit of ambiguity is that if the report details improvements required (not merely advised) then we have 28 days to address issues. So it follows the T should now get the 1st report and within 28 days  of that the 2nd report, or record of issues now addressed. Silly or not it has a potential £30k fine  (each property)for getting it wrong.

Sorry I've waffled again.

To the crux of my suggestion, and invitation to show me the error of my thinking. 

Choice 1. Each T provides us with an email address. We then attach copies of the required info. Proof is available of such as needed by printing out the email. Saves paper, saves postage, saves us the trouble of getting a signature.

Some of my T will say they don't have internet access, is this my problem or theirs?


Choice 2. Develop a website, sounds easy if said fast and at this point is beyond my capability. We use websites most days and they can have log in that allows access to an individuals account. That account can hold specifically relevant information. The home page can carry generic information.


There are a few reasons for my re thinking. I charge £10 for any tenancy pack not returned at the end of a tenancy. This is because I can reuse much of the content and saves my time producing new. I haven't seen one returned as yet, and as we can't charge for sweet fa these days Shelter would enjoy making claim for my charges.

Our compliance would be on record, digitally. But could a T still claim they didn't know if the information is available in such a format?

In truth I don't favour having to put in additional efforts that are essentially wiping asses, but maybe this is the better way to address the ever increasing evils????

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