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Direct Debit vs Standing Order


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Has anyone any experience in collecting rent from tenants using Direct Debit opposed to Standing Order? From what i understand, with Direct Debit the payee (landlord) is in control, rather than the payor (tenant). Just like when paying utilities. Could be a good way to minimize missed payments during covid-19. Does anyone know of any services available? 

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I've always used a standing order on the assumption that direct debits are not available to individuals.

Never had much of a problem with missed payments when using a standing order.

Are you trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist ? Or do you have an existing problem that a change to a direct debit won't fix ? If the tenant doesn't have sufficient income to pay the rent, it ain't gonna be paid irrespective of the method you set up.

What you need is a backup........either rent guarantee insurance &/or a home owning guarantor. Have you got either of those ?

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