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How does having a tenant insurance benefits you ?


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I had rented out my house in Ottawa. There was a fire break out in the house last year. Since there was no one in the house at the time of the fire breakout, the tenants were saved. Since I had taken tenant insurance before renting it out, I contacted the insurance agent from whom I took the insurance. When I told him about this incident, he and his company were very willing to help us in this situation. They settled the entire claim, and there was no need for me to take money from my pocket. Me and my tenant were very much thankful to them as they helped as in this emergency situation. Has anyone faced a similar situation like this? Do share your experiences here. 

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This is a UK Landlord's website so any insurance policy obtained from a Canadian Insurance Co. would certainly be null and void in the event of any claim.

Yes, we have the same arrangements here in the UK regarding tenant insurance for landlord's.

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On one of my investment properties in Australia, the tenants did not pay there rent for some time and had damaged the property prior to being evicted. I had taken out Land lords insurance with Fundamental insurance brokers and was able to claim for the damage to the property and also the $$ lost from the rent not being paid. It was a very easy process and was sorted with only a few phone calls and emails well at my home in London. The time difference was a bit of a hassle though LOL

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