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Rent Payment Deferral gone wrong....


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Hello Everyone and thanks for reading this,

I wanted to see if anyone has any advice on my issue. I wanted a few opinions....

I have 3 tenants in my 2 bed flat.  All the info below was done via text.

On the 29th of March 2020 They all text me me saying that they have lost jobs and on Furlough, 80 percent pay. They wanted to pay 80 percent of the rent I said yes that is fine but it would have to be a deferred payment coming out of the deposit or higher payments at a later date. They handed me their 1 month notice. During the 2 weeks that had passed I thought about it and told them I would allow them a 250 pound discount and they would not have to pay the discount back. 

2 weeks later I lost my job so I text back explaining my situation and said that I could no longer honour the deal we made over text while I was working so needed the rent paid back at some stage. I got no empathy from them and they have since paid the rent with the 20 percent discount even though I had gave them plenty of notice before the due date. 

I have asked to see proofs of their situation but they responded in time I will recieve. They also replied with the section 21 delay by the government. 

The 1 year ASH tenancy has expired this month. 

Think I should chase, how? I was thinking of sending an email regarding their part payment. 

The only reason I feel that I have to chase this up is because of losing my job.


Would like to know your thoughts, 



Thanks in advance..












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My thoughts are you have given a discount with one hand and taken it away with the other which will cause confusion if you try to may any claim from the deposit or serve a section 8 for rent arrears.

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