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Tenancy Agreement finished with Local Authority


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When the agreement between myself and the London Borough of Hillingdon came to end on 23/03 I was told they no longer have the resource to do any remedial works but will pay me to do it.

My handyman and I did the inventory check-out and took 123 photographs, provided 16 pages of supporting evidence along with a quote for works just over £10,000. It really was quite bad. LBH has not paid yet and have asked me to halve it to £5,000. I have gone back with additional evidence supporting my quote. There is nothing in the quote for me it is simply for the amount of work to be carried out. In 5 years they've never done an inspection.

Apart from never rent to local authority again, does anyone have any experience of this type of thing and can offer any advice?


Many thanks

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Your story does not surprise me one bit.

10 years ago I let a flat through an agency who placed a single Man in it through the local authority. He was nothing but trouble and it all culminated in the end with my perfectably serviceable front door was damaged beyond repair by a visitor of his who decided this front door was going to be the target for his violence.

I put in a claim for a new door replacement and the reaction was, like you, they wanted to halve the replacement cost. I said no but in the end after waiting 6 weeks and getting nowhere I got rid of this troublesome tenant and took the money on offer just to get the matter resolved. I vowed then never to let to the local authority again. Shame really because I am sure there are decent people out there on the LA housing lists but my experience of dealing with local government officials was more stressful than dealing with a problem tenant.

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