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Council Tax


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Hi, 1 bed flat my daughter is renting was originally a 3 bed semi before conversion 20+ years ago. I have checked that they have separate chargeable dwellings order/title etc and they have.

The council tax band is not being disputed (based on 1991 valuation) but the value of charge is. Band C for that area is £1676 pa. She is currently paying £2500+ pa. Her initial correspondence with the council has resulted in a letter back from the Valuation Office Agency saying its correct and only course of action is an appeal to the Valuation Office.

On the assumption that both flats are paying the same (£2500 x 2) this must be some sort of  council admin error originating from the conversion as over £5000k pa for a 3 bed semi is bonkers. 

Anyone got any experience of dealing with councils on such matters? 

For info. Full property in original unconverted state was valued at £55k in 1991 and circa 500k today.

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I have experience in this matter.

Local council tax rates for property are set by the Valuation Office and the local council adheres to those charges and bandings until informed by the Valuation Office of any change in valuation rates.

If you think it is still incorrect then you must go to appeal but you will need a watertight case to get it through the appeal process.

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Local councils have the power to set taxes. And if you have questions about why you pay that particular amount, you can always write a letter to the council. In theory, you will get a reply within 10 days of the council receiving the letter. In our city, residents use councilratings.co.uk to contact the council. On this site, every resident can voice his or her dissatisfaction with the projects underway, as well as ask questions. Usually the answer comes very quickly.

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