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Picky Tenants


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I've got some new tenants who moved into one of my units.  We're a week in and I'm noticing some pretty picky requests.  I wanted to get input from other landlords on how to handle it.   They are in 1/2 of a duplex built in late 1970s.  We remodeled it updating kitchen stove, countertops, removed gobs of wallpaper and new primer+paint on LITERALLY every wall in the building.  New tile in both bathrooms and completely tiled the basement (carpet was bad).  Also new carpet upstairs.  


That said.  They've been in a week and here's their problems:  They complain the stove takes forever to cook food on the electric burners (Its brand new).  They also want an exterminator because they claim they see bugs/beetles.  I live in the other half of the duplex.  I haven't noticed anything unusual.  Yes its summer and there are bugs that get inside.  


Any thoughts on bugs and 2nd new stoves????


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