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I had a water escape at my rental property and discovered the tenants had their 88 year old mum staying with them from Canada ‘on an open ticket’. She was isolated alone in Canada, had a recent injury and was becoming confused. She’s a smoker. I was informed couple would like her to remain in UK and she’s registered locally now for medical treatment.  To top that they were bringing another adult and three kids to stay for a three week holiday leaving this  old lady in the property whilst they were sightseeing. All this informed in the middle of a crisis! Im now in disputes about rent money and they threaten court action. They left telling me they were leaving  due to water damage, but house was habitable with heat, electric, water and no impact on bedrooms bathroom or kitchen.  Truth is they departed due to me saying old lady can’t stay long term and they were in breech of their tenancy agreement having not asked permission.  They left within a week with no written notice. Any advice? They say they will claim me for rent paid in advance as they left so quickly. 

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If they have cleared the house of their possessions and handed back the keys to you and the house is clearly empty and no intention of them ever coming back then it is they that are in breach of their tenancy contract by not giving their months notice to vacate to you.

In cases like this you need to write or email to them and list the reasons why you were about to commence eviction proceedings and if they wish to  take a court proceedings case against you then go ahead as you had a very strong case for eviction but don't forget to add that it was them who decided to leave of their own accord.

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