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Rent refunds on periodic tenancy agreement

Amanda Harrison

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I need advice on rent refunds on the end of periodic tenancy agreement I have served my tenant two months notice under  (notice 21) as I have to sell my flat. 

She is asking does she get a refund on rent if she leave before the end of the two months. She would like to leave in two weeks. Do I need to give her a refund on her rent? She pays a month in advance. I thought she had to pay me a min of one months rent. 


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Several ways of looking at this Amanda.

I would let the tenant go because it clears the way for you to put your flat on the market without any hassle of having to evict your tenant or any future problems during the selling period like flat viewings etc..

Rent would payable on a pro-rata basis up until the last day of occupation. A win-win situation for everybody.

Whatever you do avoid any confrontation and make life easy for yourself without any stress.

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