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Poor inventory done by the estate agency


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Hi all.

I have a house where the estate agency was fully managing the house for me when the tenants moved in. The estate agency did the inventory and signed on my behalf.
The tenants are now moving out and I asked to see the inventory. It has minimum detail, the top floor of the house has no photos and there are items that the inventory does not have in there. It was obvious that it was poorly done.
The estate agency stated that they can do the inventory check out or that I can do it.
Does an inventory check in/out clerk have to have a qualification? Is it better if I do it? Also the check out fee is £60 and the estate agency told me that this will be deducted from the deposit. If I do the check out, do I keep the £60?
Can I claim money back from the estate agency for the fact that the inventory was so poorly done? I can see myself having issues with items missing or being wrong in the house after move out.

Thanks all.

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