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Hypothetical Question - Rent retention & Docs by Letting Agent


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I've been in dispute with my letting agent and we terminated our partnership with effect from 1st April, so they no longer manage my properties.


I have not yet paid 3 of there invoices (which I stress I intend to do). They have said that if I do not settle the outstanding invoices that 1) they will not return the keys, and documentation until I have done so and 2) one of the tenants paid rent in error to them (after they had stopped working for me) and they have said that they will not pass this onto me, but keep this part of the rent to put towards the amount I owe on the invoice.


Essentially my question albeit a hypothetical one is - is the letting agent entitled to do both 1 + 2?

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They are entitled to have their invoices paid.

You are entitled to have your items returned to you.

It doesn't really matter wether they can do what they have suggested legally. It's in everyone's interest to agree an amicable solution. If it went to court it will cost both parties loads of money, time and effort to sort out what, on the face of it, seems a silly disagreement. 

Pay them what you owe. Get you items returned, move on and do something worthwhile.

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