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What type of section 8/21 for a property i have lived in


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Hi can anybody help.  In 2006 in purchased a family which we lived in until 2009, after which we decided to rent the property out due to my work taking abroad.  I now want to move back into the property with the rest of the family.  The tenants have been really good.  But i now need them to move out but the local council will not re house them until they have be evicted.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where is the rented property located England
What type of Tenancy Agreement (TA) is We don’t have an agreement has they are friends of the family
What date did current TA start 01/08/09
How long was initial fixed term (6/12/24 months / other)no fixed term agreed.
Does the TA state that rent is due weekly? / 4-weekly? / per calendar month.  Rent is paid on 27th of each month
Did the TA require a tenant damage deposit to be paid? No deposit was taken
If your query relates to a notice for repossession from the landlord (a Section 8 or Section 21 notice) or a tenants's notice to quit to the landlord, please provide the exact date the notice was sent/received (dd/mm/yy).

 Does the landlord live in the same property as the tenant.  No

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Why can't these 'good' tenants just find somewhere else to rent instead of creating major work for you in going thru the whole eviction process? They aren't doing you any favours, perhaps as family friends it's time they did.

You could issue the appropriate notice and use the formal eviction process but it might be a whole lot easier for you to use one of the firms around that handle the whole process for you.

As these people are friends of yours perhaps you could persuade them to pay the costs of their eviction ?


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I can only echo Richlist's sentiments. 

Jamie - if your family/friends think they are going to be housed in similar accommodation forget it!  They may get shoved in a bedsit 40 miles away.

To evict them you need to use Section 21 - I'm guessing no deposit was taken either?  Give 2 months' notice before 1st March asking for possession 'after 30th April'.  Don't expect council to house them until you get a court order - that will probably take 4-5 months.

Happy days!


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