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Good new for landlords re Gas Safety checks


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The Health and Safety Executive has put forward a proposal regarding the renewal dates for gas certs. At present landlords can lose days or weeks from the current cert because the engineer cant visit on the last day of the current cert so the new 12 month period starts from the new visit date. The proposal is to start the new cert from the expiry date of the old one. I guess in the same manner you can with a mot for your car which allows a extra month but the H&E want to allow up to 2 months

"We are proposing to amend GSIUR by adding a new clause to regulation 36(3). The new clause will allow landlords’ gas safety checks to be carried out in a window of between 10 and 12 months after the previous check, but to be treated as if they were carried out on the last day of that 12 months validity, thereby preserving the existing expiry date of the safety check record"

Good news for for landlords bad news for gas engineers because over a period of time they could fit in a extra cert that wasn't needed.



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