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Section 21 date help


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We want to issue a section 21 tomorrow. 

Rent is due 22nd February 

If we date it tomorrow 18th Feb 

2 clear months of the periodic tenancy will run 22nd feb - 21st April 

and then we require possession on 22nd April 

would this be correct 


Thank you in advance 



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When did the tenancy start - this is important if it started after 1st Ocotober 2015

Is the deposit protected and tenant notified of term and conditions?  If not you may be wasting your time.

In general your tenancy period runs 22 of the month to 21 of the next month so possession is sought 'after 21st of whatever month'.  The word 'after' is key here.


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Thought you might be interested.  Our tenant had paid no rent since September.  Served Section 21 and finally got to court 1st April.  Date rent due 9th of month.  Section 21 dated 11th September 2015 .  Date of expiry of notice 10th November.  Judge did not like the dates on the notice and asked "what is your hurry." Our solicitor tried to challenge him but he said "I find for the client."  He actually called the tenant "client."  The Section 21 did state "After the expiry of the notice."  So there you have it arrears of 6 months and the judge allows her to remain.  



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