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  1. Hi we had tenants (friends) so no bond (when will we learn) they only wanted a 6 months tenancy as they were looking to buy their own place. tenancy run out middle of Feb and she asked to go onto a rolling tenancy, she then decided she wanted to move and gave us 10 days notice via social media. Her rent is due on 15th of each month, she has now vacated the property, hasn't returned the keys, where do we stand with outstanding rent ? Also is she still classed as a tenant as no written correct notice ?
  2. All letters to tenants are always sent proof of postage. The judge stated that " I went to post office, gave the letter to a man, who then gave it to another man who drives a red van. This is then taken to a large warehouse and then sent out with another man to post' he said that this is not proof, we couldn't believe it
  3. Hi We want to issue a section 21 tomorrow. Rent is due 22nd February If we date it tomorrow 18th Feb 2 clear months of the periodic tenancy will run 22nd feb - 21st April and then we require possession on 22nd April would this be correct Thank you in advance
  4. Courts have a backlog so no quicker to serve a section 8 this time, we have a ccj against the previous tenant and have now applied for an attachment of earnings. We don't care if it's £5 a week but we will get it. Solictor didn't get back to me with regards to serving a section 21 on the person living there without a tenancy ?
  5. Cheers Melboy Will have a good read of that. Just waiting for our solicitor to ring me back with regards to serving section 21 to the tenant who hasn't got a tenancy
  6. Looks like we just need to force our way in for gas safety check, Would this jeopardise court action to evict them
  7. Thank you Melboy we were advised against recorded delivery in case the tenants refuse to sign. Will never rent to friends again we would rather give them some money to stay in a b&b. We just need to know if we have to give all three a section 21, even thou there are only two on tenancy, complete headache.
  8. Two tenants on one agreement. we have taken rent payments and recorded it in a rent book. no deposit taken (stupidly) as they were close friends. two floors, we were told it's not a Hmo as we only signed the two tenants and we believe they are subletting. We went to court with a section 8 but uncessful as the judge would not take proof of postage as evidence that we had posted a section 8 and statement of rent arrears. Courts are really busy so thought a section 21 might be easiest route. Thank you for your reply
  9. Hi All we rented out our property to friends (married couple) just over 18 months ago. the wife left him. So we had 2 other friends move in with him, we were unaware that this then became a hmo (always dealt with families) . The original tenant wasn't getting along with the 2 new tenants and didn't want his tenancy renewed as he wanted to leave, we then signed a new 6mths ast with remaining 2 friends. it has all got a bit ugly as being friends they thought they could pay rent when they felt like it. They are now out of tenancy and we want to serve a section 21 periodic. The issue we have is that they will not allow us access to the house to do inspection or gas safety. They complained to council about property being in disrepair. Council attended with us and still couldn't gain access so no further action taken. We've had no rent since October 2015. we have now found out that the original tenant is still residing at the property, so do we have to serve all 3 with a section 21 as he wasn't on the new tenancy.
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