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Filling in a section 13(2) notice.


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I would appreciate some help filling in a section 13 notice.

Paragraph 3 and 4 says:

3     The first rent increase date after 11th February 2003 is     

What should I put here? is it a date or an amount? I'm not sure I know the amount of the first increase after Feb 2003, I know then amount of the last increase after Feb 2003.

I last put the rent up to £700.00 on 3rd May 2012. I want to put it up from 3rd April 2016. What should I put in paragraph 3?

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Someone else wrote this eleswhere not me but it sums it up perfectly for you Pat888

'The standard S13 form is indeed confusing. Like a lot of Landlord and tenant legislation and related forms (e.g. S21) it was devised by a drunken ignorant politician while floating in a bubble filled bathtub.

In that box, write the date you FIRST used section 13 on this tenancy. If you have never used S13 before, fill in the date you intend this application to take effect. It all has to do with some obscure aspect of the Rent Increases Act 2003.'

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