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  1. Does anyone know what the legal ramifications of my tenant getting an au pair would be? The insurance company have said It's OK with them.
  2. Thank you Mortitia I've ended up putting 3rd April 2016 down for paragraph 3 & 4.
  3. I would appreciate some help filling in a section 13 notice. Paragraph 3 and 4 says: 3 The first rent increase date after 11th February 2003 is What should I put here? is it a date or an amount? I'm not sure I know the amount of the first increase after Feb 2003, I know then amount of the last increase after Feb 2003. I last put the rent up to £700.00 on 3rd May 2012. I want to put it up from 3rd April 2016. What should I put in paragraph 3?
  4. I've just found a form on the web: Housing Act 1988 section 13(2), as amended by the Regulatory Reform (Assured Periodic Tenancies) (Rent Increases) Order 2003 Is this the current section 13?
  5. Thank you for your prompt replies. Section 13 it is then. It does't really matter to me what day it should start. Hopefully the HB will pay the increase and I'll accept whatever day it is.
  6. I have been renting a flat to this tenant for about 25 years. His rent is paid to me directly by housing benefit. It's a few years since I last increased the rent. The last time I issued a new short term tenancy agreement, which will now have expired. I assume he is now on a periodic tenancy. If I explain he will understand that I'm putting the rent up and it won't concern him as housing benefit will cover the increase. The problem I have is his mental health has deteriorated over the years and I don't know how I can get his signature witnessed. Do I have to issue a new tenancy agre
  7. I rent a house out via an agent. The tenants have given notice and I'm keen to try renting the house out without using an agent. Has anyone experience of this company? http://www.landlorddirect.com/ They offer: Private Landlords Rental Property Advertising On Rightmove - £39 Free Letting Service - London & All U.K. Lettings Online Landlords can have their new tenancies all set up for them absolutely FREE of charge. After using our rightmove portal advertising package landlords simply refer their prospective tenants to apply for the property online Landlord Direct then contact
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