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NLA - Selective Licensing update


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Local Councils will no longer have the power to introduce selective licensing across a whole borough. The NLA, amongst others, have campaigned tirelessly against selective licensing and new rules which come into effect on the 1st April 2015 means Local Authorities will need government approval before introducing licensing across a large area.
Article from NLA.
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A change for the better, I hope.

As I could see it was another indirect taxation by Labour councils, because of it Labour will never get a vote from me.

I haven't a clue what proportion of Hydburn came under the selective licence scheme, or if it already has Gov't approval, so will have to wait and see what transpires from this. It'll be interesting to learn if councils will have to give refunds though.

The LL can pay £870 for a five year licence, per property. An application 1, 2 years in or even near the end of the designated period still costs the full amount. That is the current period ends 30th November 2017 regardless of when a LL applies.

Not transferable with the property,

No rebate if property sold early.

The questions on the multi page application were pathetic, the selective licence team manager should be embarrassed.

Forum vent over, for now.

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