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De-regulatation on Superstrike!


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Still some ambiguities / confusions / missings / over sights .....

A tenancy that commenced and went periodic before 2007. Deposit taken at outset 'and S21 served at outset' as was common practice.

The LL protects or returns said deposit within 90 days.

Is the S21 still valid?

It was up to deposit regulation came into play, and as far as I could understand still was later as early deposits didn't need protecting until some later confusion.

I like that there is attempt to remove the confusion over S21 expiry dates, and indeed the removal of there being 2 types of S21 anyway.

No we serve an S21 today, without the rather complex savings clause. it expires in 2 months, hooray.

Does a T still have to serve their 1 month notice to expire on the last day of a tenancy period I wonder?

Be nice if they are disadvantaged for a change due to the lack of adequate consideration by clumsy legislators.

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A little more reading I find 1 answer.

Any S21 not used for repossession within 6 months lapses. A new S21 would need to be served.

Not sure if that's effective immediately or in October.

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A year to change the law | Shelter blog

So it would seem come October that any S21 must be used for repossession within 6 months, I hope that the 6 month cut off will be the date an application is made to the court for repossession.

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