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Chinese whispers


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I have had 2 failed tenancies at my Studio property so this time decided to pay particular attention to applicants. I use an agent to 'tenant find' and screen out the dross.

1st failure was when a supposedly quiet girl (so I believed the agent) moved boyfriend in after 3 months - he was her diving instructor and in process of a divorce. Between dives he seemed to be drunk most of the time, in the studio and did not realise the CCTV was clocking him in and out. They went peacefully at 5 months ( I refused to give a reference other than 'she paid the rent') and I am keeping the full deposit for him causing damage by drying wet suits everywhere. Tut-tut.

2nd failure came about when single male over 30 moved in. He had a good job but he was a functioning alky! Whilst on a bender he went bananas as the shower would not work - he had turned it off at the isolater. He was gone in 3 weeks.

Yesterday I agreed to see ' a 25 year old girl with false eyelashes and big hair, very pretty but knows what antipathy means' - the words of the agent. Reality was a very pleasing interview. It never ceases to amaze me how 2 different people can meet an applicant and take differing opinions. She gets the flat.

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It's all a gamble Mortitia. The only thing you can do is to check and double check who is going to be occupying and always have a face to face for 15 minutes no matter who sources the tenant.

The worse tenant's I ever had were a young couple who attended the property dressed in smart suits, articulate, a perfect couple on first appearances and were so called "young professionals". This was 15 years ago and I was a bit lax and judged by appearances back then.

Times have changed ! Today it is more like a positive vetting process for a nuclear bomb scientist job :D .

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