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periodic tenancy


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Have you served a section 21 notice?


hi trevor i havn't seved any notice as yet, because i wanted to serve as little notice as possible, because the tenant only has to give me one months notice i thought that i am only legally obliged to give him one months notice

regards bacard

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Hi Bacard,

The easiest way to get rid of your tenants is to serve a "Section 21 notice" that must be served at least 2 months "from a rent day". So, if the rent is payable on 1st day of the month and you served the section 21 TODAY then you would get possession on 1st June 2007. (ie: 2 months after 1st April which is the next rent day).

You could try going down the Section 8 route (because they are behind with their rent) but I would be surprised if you got a hearing before 1st June 2007 after you have served the notice, completed the paperwork etc etc etc

If it was my property - I would meet the tenants and offer to let them off some - or all - of the rent owed in exchange for them moving out, peacefully, ASAP.

I know you will lose a bit of rent money - but you can then focus on letting the property out to someone who will, hopefully, pay you the rent rather than chasing someone who seems intent on not paying you any rent!

Good luck,


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I agree with what you are saying Trenners, but what is that saying to Tenants. If landlords start being pushovers, which I think seems to be happening, a lot of tenants will start doing this, saving a few months rent here and there, knowing it is not going to affect them renting a place in the future.

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