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How to present N5B form to Court


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For the first time I have to apply for possession and have completed N5B forms.

My problem is getting it to Court. My local County Court has closed it's counter to the public except by appointment. Phoned for appointment to deliver forms but was told they won't open to receive possession claims. I asked how to deliver it and was told each bundle needed to be in a ring binder, each clearly labelled, and deposited in their external drop box.

Really? Any advice on how to attach documents, and deliver to Court, would be really helpful (are treasury tags, file dividers, ring binders necessary?). Also does it have to be my local court or could I use another nearby?

Help please

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You don't, the court will assign a number when it processes the claim and any further paperwork you get from the court will then have the claim number.

Don't forget to include with the form copies of:

AST(First and last if ever renewed)

section 21

proof of service

prescribed info

deposit certificate

court fee

That will give you a nice fat bundle and you need to supply the court with a one and another for each named adult on the tenancy agreement which the court then forward on to them. Don't forge to keep a copy for for yourself

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If there is a change of ownership with a rental property you don't need give a new contract but the new landlord does need to supply the tenant his name and an address for the serving of services (section 48).

If there has only been one written contract that is all that needs to be included in the pack but if extra ones given you need to include the last one signed as well. You may need to include a short letter explaining the change in ownership.

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